The Great Commission Hub is a new and growing ministry focused on fulfilling the assignment that God has called to do, “Go therefore and make disciples!”  We are currently sharing the vision, seeking partners, and developing the software platform that could revolutionize the way we connect and engage in this global assignment.  We invite you to explore some of our core values, strategies, and structure below, and then spread the word (hyperlink to social media or future Instagram/Twitter signup – future) or Engage with us in this exciting new vision!

If you are curious about where the passion comes from and why the renewed focus on The Great Commission, here is a great short video explaining the tremendous need: The State of the World.


That every individual and local church would seek to live in obedience to its calling in all areas of life. . .
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matt 28:19-20a  NIV


To Mobilize Every Individual and Local Church for Great Commission Ministry.


Mobilizing, Connecting, and Supporting Global Mission Efforts for the Glory of God.


We aim to fulfill our mission by awakening and equipping believers and local churches to fully engage in a great commission life, by providing a means of connecting with what God is doing around the world, and by raising up prayer and financial support for missions. 


The Great Commission HUB is committed to working through the local churches and partnering with mission organizations around the world. Its essential goal is not to be a mission sending agency, nor is it to be a substitute for the role of the church. Rather TGC HUB exists to serve the local church and ministry organizations by helping believers and the body of Christ engage in the work of making disciples of all nations.


The Great Commission HUB is essentially a large global network of believers, churches, and organizations linked together, facilitated by volunteers from around the world, served by a staff and board of directors, all within the guidelines of scripture, and the authority, power, and direction of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Great Commission Hub, LLC is currently structured as an affiliate of Mission Create 501(c)(3) which provides nonprofit incubation and back-office support.


The primary platform for TGC HUB is a network of great commission partnerships supported through a website and mobile APP structured around an interactive global map.  Individual members, churches, mission organizations, and people living on mission around the world would have access to this web-based central hub. Members can connect through four primary areas, or spokes of the hub.  They are: mission partnerships (Connect), prayer requests (Pray), financial needs (Give), and personnel needs (Go). Needs or opportunities in each of these areas follow a similar process through the ministry. Initial needs are submitted through the website, evaluated based on certain criteria, approved for publishing, posted as an interactive link on the global map, and then available for response or engagement by other believers and churches around the world.  In summary, TGH HUB could be envisioned as the best parts of Facebook, Kickstarter, and Craigslist merging to form a God-honoring, disciple-making, global network that mobilizes God’s people to fulfill the great commission.


Initial ministry expenses and software development are funded through individual donations, church sponsorships, corporate donations, and foundation contributions.  Visit our Engage page to learn more about becoming a development partner in launching this new ministry.

Several options are being explored for memberships and funding once the platform is fully operational.  The current proposed structure includes FREE basic access to all users!  Users connecting through the website or mobile app would have full access to the global network of opportunities, needs, and resources available through the ministry.  A small percentage of any financial gift given toward meeting published needs from around the world would be set aside to help sustain the ministry platform.

Paid memberships would be available for those wishing to support the ministry financially.  This option would wave the percentage fee for donations and include other added features. 

Church and Organization memberships would include customized websites using the Hub platform along with additional features and tools that facilitate connecting and discipleship efforts within their local area or ministry region.  This option would also provide upgraded individual memberships for those within their organization.  Rates are to be determined but would be prorated based on size.

A certain percentage of all membership funds would go directly to supporting disciple-making ministry projects around the world (See Missions Giving below).  The remaining portion of revenues would be used for operating expenses of the ministry. Ministry expenses would be kept low through a significant involvement of volunteers serving remotely from all parts of the world in a variety of capacities

          Free memberships are offered to organizations or churches with demonstrated need through our                  “Pay it Forward Program” which provides opportunities for all to participate regardless of socioeconomic status.


This is crowdfunding at its best!  The Missions Giving portion of your membership contribution is pooled with others to form a powerful funding tool for the sake of the gospel!  As financial needs are approved for publishing a certain percentage (ten percent for example) of that need is immediately met from the missions giving fund which functions as seed money to encourage further giving by individuals, churches, and organizations.  Additional contributions earmarked for a particular need are then applied to that account until the need is fully met. 


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Mobilizing, Connecting, and Supporting Global Mission Efforts for the Glory of God.

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